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Frequently Asked Questions

Adana airport transfers to the four corners of Turkey can provide VIP transport service taking public transport. You can reach the list from the categories on our Adana airport transfer site.


You can get Adana vip transfer service by clicking on the contact section.

Adana chauffeured car rental service by looking at the list of vehicles on our site you can get this service. Adana chauffeured car rental with the most appropriate point to take you, we will provide safe transportation to the place we will go. For more information, please contact us.
We provide service by considering the comfort and comfort of our esteemed customers with Adana VIP transfers. We provide you with a luxury service by equipping your vehicle with vip facilities.
We provide you with reliable transfers to Adana hotels by picking you up from the most convenient point to the hotels in the island.

You can contact our 24/7 operation center number that is written on the bottom of your reservation form that we sent to you. (Our operation center number is also shown on the top right corner of our website.)

Possible causes….

- Shortcomings and/or mistakes in the routing signs specified by the local and/or highway authorities in finding the addresses of homes and villas and the address that was specified on the booking form.

- For pick-up at the hotels, due to check-out times, the driver will notify the reception area in the event that they are unable to reach you.

- Due to intense traffic and/or road work may cause such delays. In that case our operation department will call you from your mobile to explain. (Please ensure that your mobile phone is turned on.)

There is a cancellation link on the bottom of the booking confirmation form that we sent to you. 

If you enter that link, then your booking will be cancelled. If you can not access the e-mail we sent you or for your last minute cancellations, please contact our reservation services to cancel your booking. (Our reservation service number is also shown on the top right corner of our website.)

If you want to make changes in your e-bookings you can send an e-mail or call our reservation services number.

An important note:

In order to receive accurate and better service, we ask that you please first cancel all your bookings and make the new booking on our website.

Yes, you can make last minute bookings 24/7 by phone if faced with internet accessibility problems.

An important note:

In order to prevent any mistakes in the flow of information over the phone, please use our website’s booking form to make your reservations which only takes 2 minutes to fill out and is easily comprehensible and user-friendly.

You can call our reservation services number or send an e-mail to cancel your bookings. (For cancellation on the phone or by e-mail, you only need to specify your name and surname which was written on the booking form.)

For any changes that you would like to make, you can call our reservation services number or send an e-mail.

No, an extra fee will never be charged. Only the service fee for the specified transfer will be collected. 

Yes, you can make your transfer payment in cash when you arrive directly to our driver.

Yes, the price that we confirmed in your booking is the guaranteed fixed rate. 

Yes, the price that we confirmed in your booking is the guaranteed fixed rate. 


Yes, you can request a stamped and signed receipt from our driver for the cash payment that you made.

Due to fluctuations in oil prices and/or foreign exchange rates, prices may change -/+ accordingly.

No, you do not need to pay any extra fee when your flight is delayed.

If your aircraft is delayed on landing at the airport, our driver will be present and waiting and you can be rest-assured that they will not leave you helpless.

An important note:

There may be situations that we are unable to control such as: if the aircraft has landed early or has been delayed and the time specified in the landing flight information display has not been updated or faulty information has been given by the authorities or by the flight company in the flight information display through the data source that we monitor.


In this situation, if you don’t see our driver at the gate, please contact us 24/7 from our operation center number. (Our operation service number is also shown on the top right corner of our website.)

Yes, you can travel with your domestic animal.

An important note:

For driving safety and hygiene regulations, domestic animals must be in their cage during travel.

You should be at the airport 1 hour prior for your Domestic flight and 2 hours prior for your International flight.

An important note:

For Turkish Airlines International flights, you can be at the airport 1 hour prior, as the check- in procedure will be done in Istanbul, and you will be departing from the Domestic departure gate.

You can ask our operation service department or our drivers about your travel time.

No, according to the laws and hygiene regulations, alcohol or smoking is not allowed in the vehicles.

No, according to the traffic and public road regulations, we are not allowed to carry more than capacity.

We use the vehicles which you will see and select from our website. Our transfer vehicles are maximum 3 years old, quality and air conditioned, and always monitored with periodic maintenance.

In our vehicles, there are 4 insurance as stated below.

- Car Insurance
- Compulsory Motor Insurance
- Liability Insurance required of road transport
- Compulsory Road Passenger transport seat accident Insurance

 No, we do not request any cost difference from you.

The same class or upper class vehicles may be used due to changes in the operational vehicle or congestion of aircraft delays for the transfers and other causes.

Yes, we send the booking confirmation to your email address after checking the details through our reservation department.

You will receive the booking confirmation within half an hour during working hours in local Turkish time. If you make your reservation after the local working hours, then you will receive the confirmation after the local working hours begin.

Some reasons why you may not have received the booking confirmation...

- Outside of local working hours.

- On rare occasions, the booking confirmation e-mail that was sent to you may have personal e-mail or corporate e-mail spam conceptions arising from the complex nature of corporate servers and firewalls and thus may not be delivered to your inbox.


- When you are filling out the booking form, if you use numbers or external characters from the alphabet that is not included in our system, your e-mail may get blocked by our company’s sensitive firewall servers. As a result, your email may be conceived as spam and therefore will not reach our e-mail servers.

- If you do not receive the booking confirmation and request to know ASAP then please contact us at reservation service or send email.

Yes, our company provides transfer services 365 days a year 24/7 in our Bodrum, Dalaman, Izmir and Antalya airports.

In order for us to provide good quality service to our customers, we kindly ask that you fill out the Reservation form without any blanks.

We may have to contact you regarding any problems like aircraft changes, high traffic volume, road work, etc; therefore we need to have your mobile phone number. 

Furthermore, if you have a 2nd mobile phone number or the mobile phone number of the passenger that you are travelling with, please make note of all these mobile numbers so that we can contact you in these kinds of situations.

Our drivers are selected firstly according to the standards set forth by the Ministry of Transportation which are to have a “SRC Document” and “Certificate of Psycho” which is a mandatory regulation of the Road Transport Commision Act. In addition, capable drivers who are very familiar with the region and area with a minimum “5 year driver’s license” are selected to work with us.

The new drivers that join our team are required to take a 12-hour “Professional Driving Techniques Training”.

Yes, we calculate the cost on the basis of which vehicle you choose from our website.

Yes, we provide transfer service to the address that you requested in the booking form.

An important note:

Faulty road and/or land conditions that are not intended for the structure of the vehicle, closed roads or pedestrian only roads may cause the driver to park in a suitable area and take you to your destination point from there.

Our drivers will help carry your luggage.

Our operational organization is made one day before, therefore if you make changes 3 hours before your scheduled flight time, then we will try and do everything we can to accommodate you.

For changes made on scheduled flights after 3 hours, we will try and make the best possible arrangements according to our operational schedule so that we can accommodate you.

Yes, our driver will help to carry your luggage before and after your transfer.

You can send an e-mail address for your suggestions, complaints and/or questions about our company and the services that we provide.

We believe that your views and ideas will be a unique treasure for us to provide beter quality of service, value-added and innovative solutions that create a dynamic vision of the company in terms of policy.

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